Don't Forget To...

If you're reading this, you probably wanna know what you don't want to forget to do while you're on my blog!
So, to be a Mindless Rebel, always...

  • Post comments! If it's a compliment or a suggestion, I'd love to hear from you
Remember, you can still post as the following...
  1. You're on Google+? Great! Then post a comment! You know you want to!
  2. On LiveJournal or Wordpress? Then you can comment on my stuff too!
  3. TypePad is also the way to go if you want to say anything you want to
  4. So is AIM :)
  5. As an OpenID
  6. Post with your name/ URL!
  7. You could even post as anonymous :))
There are so many options open to you because I really want to hear what you think! So comment, comment, comment!
  • Follow this blog if you like what you see!
If you have a major account on any blogging site (and not just Blogger, where I am right now), then gosh, have I got news for you! Like what you see? Don't forget to follow me then! Don't be shy!
  • Tell your friends! If you like it, chances are they will too!
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