Monday, 25 November 2013

Video of the week #31 - Lorde - Royals

Hey all! How's it going?
Yeah, I'm so busy I didn't do a Thursday OR Saturday post -_- Don't be mad, I'm working, it's beneficial ...
Yeah anyway

So I love this song! Lorde! I have to listen to her whole album, because I love this one song
Pure Heroine was released last month, actually

Royals is a minimalist and art pop song on her debut album
And I love this! So I thought I should post about this today
And if you've been keeping up with my Tumblr, you may have seen the odd one or two pics I reblogged of her
She's awesome, and also really influential
She's only 17 and she's making amazing music

And on that note, here's her song!

Hope you loved it as much as I did! See you all later!
Sara xx