Monday, 21 October 2013

Video Of The Week #27: Marina And The Diamonds ~ Primadonna

Hellooooo everyone!
Now it's Monday and thus a new video of the week is hereeee

This is a really cool song, I'm sure you've heard of Marina And The Diamonds
I wonder why she calls herself sounds like a band name aha. Ah, she calls herself that because "The Diamonds" are her fans, how sweet (:

It's an interesting mix of electro rock, house and also disco Now that's awful different haha (:
This song came from her second studio album, Electra Heart, released 2012
Damn, feels like so long ago, things have changed for me since then :/

Anyway, here's the video, I'm assuming you'll like it

So have a great week! We break up at school for the holidays on Friday so I'm hoping I'll be free to do my own shizzle
Sara xx