Monday, 14 October 2013

Video Of The Week #26: OneRepublic ~ Counting Stars

How's it going everyone?

So it's about time I did another blog post, and this one is probably one of my favourite One Republic songs
It's pop rock, released earlier this year, a few months ago from their most recent album (as of this post), Native
Which was also released earlier this year too, coinkydink!
It's pretty messed when the old guy falls through the ceiling at the end though lol.. O.o
And what up with the alligator? Haha
But anyways, I love the music video all the same, despite those random things I just mentioned, so yeah, here it it! All ready for you to check out!
You're gonna love this! <3
Hope you enjoyed that video, that's about all for now
Time to get started on my next pile of homework -_-
Sara xx