Monday, 23 September 2013

Video Of The Week #23: Rizzle Kicks ~ Lost Generation

Hello hello! :D
New video of the week, let's make this short, stupid homework deadlines -______-
Rizzle Kicks! Aw, gotta love Rizzle and Sylvester!
They released their new album, Roaring 20s earlier this month ^_^
And with it is this song, Lost Generation
When I first listened to this song, I was like
"Oh my gosh, I can relate to this!"
I mean, I can say everything in that song is so true :))
I love it so much, so awesome
It has a cool hip-hop and rap vibe
And it makes really neat references to "our youth today"
Especially the first verse
Not to mention the official music video, that's pretty awesome too
"Switch on the TV
They keep it real, but not in that way
I turn the channel and just see somebody's life displayed
Awkward pauses and dodgy moments
I smile it keeps me sane
Reality TV is morphine
Give me that now let me ease the pain
(Oh yeah)"
"I wanna drive to work hear this beat and make my dreams come true"
Of course, I can't drive, but there's always the bus so...
Peace out!
Sara xx

Sunday, 22 September 2013

My Life As A Freshman

Hello again!
New post, about my life as a freshman
And like I keep saying, in England, you're not a freshman, just a year 10 student
Sucks, eh? Year 10 doesn't sound as cool but mehh, still using freshman
Alright, I've been at school for two weeks since those summer holidays, those holidays seem so distant now -_-
So what's been happening?

A lot of homework, I tend to repeat that I usually sit on a pile of my homework, they gave me a few homeworks and yet they've taken my the whole week to plough through
And I'm still not done, I have to do my art homework, oh my days
Not to mention print my media work and read the science textbook

I've gone social
Yes, I'm actually on better social networks because I was sick of this wall that was keeping me from using my laptop to my advantage
So now I have a twitter: @HipsterAtNoon <- click to find me here
And I also have a tumblr because I tend to troll tumblr a lot and I like a lot of their photos: also called Hipster At Noon <- click to find me here
So follow me on those! If you can't find me on Mindless Rebel,
well I tend to reblog often on my tumblr and tweet on a regular basis

I met new people
True! I don't have many of my best friends in my lessons anymore, so I met people and whatever, but there's no way they
could replace my friends, so I'm stuck in mud

Speaking of mud, look what I did to my joggers today! :D Lool, I fell over, silly klutz :))

I reached etc. in my maths class
End of
Basically meaning I can't stand maths anymore
Eh, who am I kidding? I never could anyway

So basically, life as a freshman...him
Well the only major difference is the playground and the people in your classes
I don't even go in that playground :/
Homework hasn't changed a lot, my science teacher I had at the start of last year and in year 8 likes making us suffer
Now I don't have them anymore, it's like their homework got replaced with longer work so...

Yep, not a lot has changed for me.
Just my friends not in much of my classes (boo.)
Sara xx