Monday, 15 July 2013

Panic! At The Disco ARE BACK!!! New Single, Miss Jackson

As the rock side of music is getting ever more popular these days, Panic! At The Disco are finally back!!! :D :D :D
It's more a mixture of feelings for their new single, Miss Jackson

Just look at Paramore: they changed, they did a mixture of genres in their album. As well as doing their usual alternative rock and punk from time to time, they did pop, gospel, etc

And Fall Out Boy, they're pretty different too
I still love them both
I miss the way they were before, but I still think their music is awesome

So in all fairness, I thought Panic! At The Disco might do the same: most rock bands this year seem to be trying something different anyway
Besides, we all grow up, and as we grow up, we change

Sure, it's different, but let's face it: Panic! At The Disco, over the years, have released albums with different sounds
Listen to A Fever You Can't Sweat Out and then try Pretty.Odd. and Vices And Virtues
They all sound different.
But they're all so amazing
And now this one too :)
Anyway, Panic! At The Disco posted their new song on YouTube today! :)
I was one of the first to see it :D :D :D

But anyway, here's the song they just released onto Fueled By Ramen, Miss Jackson :)
Not gonna lie, I don't like his new hairstyle haha :))

There's no hiding that, sorry Brendon :))
Aside from that, people are now comparing this to Fall Out Boy's most recent Album, Save Rock And Roll, most notably mentioning that this song sounds like My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)
I suppose it does sound like that FOB song, just a bit
Anyway, hope you liked this new post :D
More Panic! At The Disco updates coming soon, seeing as I still love the band anyhow :))

Their new album, Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die! is going to be released near the start of this October
Man, those guys Love. Punctuation!
Get it? Haha :))
Until next time, peeps!

Video Of The Week #13: Dev ~ Bass Down Low ft The Cataracs

If you wanna get with me, there's some things you gotta know...
I like my beats fast
And mah bass down low, muchachos! :D :D :D
Hey guys! Final video of the week before the holidays! :)
And I absolutely love humming to this song in lesson
Sometimes I can get my classmates to start singing it with me and whatever, we don't actually get in trouble for going flash mobs in lesson, how weird :))

Anyway! For those of you who don't know Bass Down Low, it's Dev, you know, she done Like A G6 with Far East Movement and some JLS song
JLS are long gone :))
That's not the point, the point is...I love this song <3 <3 <3
Slap yourself silly if you don't like it. Because you should like it. A lot. </3

haha, kidding, you're entitled to your own opinion and blah blah blah anyway :))
Yeah, words can't describe how cool that is... 8)
I'm done, have a nice day! Bye!
Sara xxx