Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Pokemon X & Y: Update ~ 3 Months To Go!

So, there are 3 months to go until the worldwide release of Pokemon X & Y
I got more news for you on the new generations VI game
Sylveon's type is fairy type!

Fairy is a new type, so now, there are 18 Pokemon types, including that one.
I never expected them to make a new type because I thought it would kinda throw the Pokedex out of proportion
It so has!!!
So in this generation, many of the new Pokemon will be fairy type. However, Pokemon from previous generations will be converting to the fairy type
The confirmed Pokemon to become fairy type from generations I to V are:

But I have speculations over what other Pokemon might become fairy types like:
Cleffa, Clefable and Clefairy (left to right)
Happiny Blissey and Chansey
(left to right)

Cleffa, Clefairy and Clefable
Happiny, Chansey and Blissey
Mawile? I don't know, it's a little farfetched, but that's what other people are thinking.
Togepi, Togetic and Togakiss
And also legendary Pokemon like
Maybe even Shaymin
And also the Lake Guardian legendaries: Azelf, Uxie and Mesprit

So now we found out about the new Eeveelution, we have a new objective:
what Pokemon are the new "fairy-type?"
In other news...
They announced four new Pokemon! I'm presuming the names are in Japanese, but anyway, the names are Panpura, Yotsurun, Myuujii and Syoomai
Panpura apparently being grass/ghost type, Syoomai being a water/bug type, Myuujii being a psychic type and Yotsurun being an ice/fighting type.
Honedge. Another weird looking Pokemon thing with a sword and some strange blue thing sticking out.
Sources say it's a ghost/steel type and it might be a very strong Pokemon
who knows, it could have something to do with ancienct ruins, perhaps
Or it could be something that a warrior used in battle that got taken over by some evil spirit or something and then became a Pokemon that disobeyed the warrior that owned it. o.O
That was quite explicit :))
Oh and I think it has two formes as well :/
Well? What is that thing???
The other officially announced Pokemon
1) Chespin, 2) Fennekin and 3) Froakie, who I afore mentioned in the last Pokemon X and Y post
4) Xerneas and 5) Yveital who are the main legendary Pokemon and the mascots on the front cover of the games
6) Sylveon, ineeeh? :))
7) That MewTwo forme, (aka MewThree aka Awakened MewTwo)
Mew must hate that... :))
8) Fletchling and 9) Talonflame, I guess Talonflame is Fletchling's evolutionary form
10) Pancham
11) Helioptile
12) Gogoat
13) Noivern
14) Scatterbug, 15) Spewpa and 16) Vivillon who could also perhaps be evolutionary forms of Scatterbug
17) Skrelp
18) Clauncher
19) Flabébé
20) Litleo
and of course 21) Honedge
So that's all the news I have this time round! Let's do this again sometime!
Sara xxx

Rocking The Retro (Fashion)

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Anywhere But Home (Fashion)

That Lindt Chocolate Was Really Tasty...

My bestie and a whole bunch of guys I know went to Germany!!!
Lucky things, I wanted to go to Phantasialand too, you know! :))
I don't own this picture. :)

But they said they had an awesome time
I decided the best bit of their trip to Germany was the bit when my bestie got me this awesome box of Lindt chocolates ;)
She would beg to differ, I know she loved it there

I might make an Adventures In A Camper Van Part III on Germany. She would be an expert on it now, especially as she's been studying German and whatever
Meanwhile, I've been studying French in the classroom next door, just so you know... :)

Here's the box of chocolates: you jelly, muchachos? :P
I own this pic :)
Yeah, you're jelly
I need more of that chocolate, 
I'm gonna go to the fridge to get more! Bye!
Sara xxx

Monday, 8 July 2013

Video Of The Week #12: Coldplay ~ Paradise

Wassup Rebels??? :D :D :D
New video of the week! Paradise! :)
I've been listening to this song all week, I love Colplay so much!!! :))
I'm a Coldplayer, I Coldplay haaard, muchachos! :))
Paradise is definitely one of my favorite songs by Coldplay
Coldplay, this band is one of the few that are getting me through some hard things
and for that, I love them so much <3
I love Chris Martin, his eyes are so blue

Especially in Viva La Vida, but let's save that song for another day ;)
and another album, seeing as Paradise is from Mylo Xyloto :)

Chris Martin is such a cute elephant, don't you think?
LOLZ! :D :D :D

Yeah, I'm done, so have a nice day Rebels! Peace!
Love Sara :) xxx