Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Romeo, Oh Romeo, Wherefore Art Thou Romeo? (The Kitty Edition)

See, if Romeo and Juliet was done in a catty way, it would look a little something like...
THIS! :D :D :D
That is all I had to say
Also, I took that picture myself! Isn't it just so cute? :))
'Kay my work here is done. Expect waaay more posts from now on, seeing as my exams are finally over!
***Happy dance***
Sara xxx

Monday, 24 June 2013

Video Of The Week #10: We All Have McDonalds In Common (Parallel Lives)

Heyaa peeps!
This is the tenth Video Of The Week! :D :D :D
It just had to be Monday today...

But this is gonna be exciting!
Video Of The Week #10 is from McDonalds' We All Have McDonalds In Common campaign.
It's about a group of teens and an elderly guy who appear to have nothing in common. The video shows otherwise :)

To think, they've been living on the same estate the whole time :))
I love the part right at the end when one of the teens smile at the elderly guy, that's so sweet :D

Forget Ronald McDonald
we have nothing in common with that thing. :)

You know what?
I bet we have McDonald's in common too! :))

Or we all have Tesco in common ;)

The Tesco thing was out of context, but still...who doesn't go Tesco? :))

So that's all on this video of the week. Tune in next week for another vid!
And the week after that...
And the week after that...
And the week after that....
And the week after that....

From Sara! :D