Monday, 10 June 2013

Video Of The Week #8: 3Oh!3 ~ Follow Me Down ft Neon Hitch

Video of the week #8! And 8 is a lucky number.
This video of the week is dedicated to a friend of mine who isn't around anymore. He was a sweet brother and a kind best friend. We love him so much. This music video was one of his faves. :) xxx

Hey Mindless Rebels! Guess what? It's Monday! So here's a new video of the week for you all to listen to...
So do you remember 3Oh!3 by any chance? And the Alice In Wonderland movie? You know, the one with Johnny Depp?
Yup! That's the one. :)
3Oh3's song Follow Me Down featuring Neon Hitch was part of the Alice In Wonderland soundtrack. Have a listen. You just might like it. :))
And thus, another video of the week is done! I hope y'all liked it!
Have a great day rebels! :)>- xxx

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Awkward Situations

Hey guys! Here's another mindless blog post for you. :D
So we've all had randomly awkward moments that we can laugh off or just...stay awkward. :)
Here's a list of some totally awkward moments that you can just casually have. :))
Well, this is awkward...

That awkward moment when you and someone else steps the same way twice over. :)
I do that all the time. You're standing in the way of some stranger in the middle of the high road and then...
You casj move out of the way. But you both go the same way. :D
And then you do it twice. :)

That awkward moment when you're in an elevator with a bunch of randoms and it all goes quiet.
It's bad enough when they all crowd into one lift so it's even more awkward. It's much worse when there's no elevator music

*cringe*And some funky Mario elevator music. Please, don't hurt yourselves ;)
That awkward moment when you're in the classroom having a casj convo and then everyone goes quite and just listens to yours. :)
It's so weird, it just happens and you never even know why.
It's actually quite funny for some unknown reason

That awkward moment when you call someone on the phone and you run out of things to say. :)
It even happens when you pm someone on BBM or Whatsapp or whatever :D
It's so weird, you conversation just dies and stuff :))

Don't act like none of this has happened to you! :))
It hasn't? :O
Then why don't you comment and say what awkward moments really have happened to you!
Peace out suckers! :)>- xoxox