Thursday, 6 June 2013

Touch The Sky And Chase The Sun x

A mini post today, I just wanted to share a picture I took
Isn't it pretty? The sky was painted into a spectrum :D

This post is dedicated to everyone who plays a part in my life. Yes, it means you guys reading my blog, but also my closest friends. xxx

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Adventures In A Camper Van Part II

My 50th post! Hey hey hey! :D
Adventures In A Camper Van was one of my most popular posts on Mindless Rebel, so I thought, well, what the hey, I may as well just make a part two!
So here we go! Part II! :)
If there's anything I want to do when I get older, it's to travel around the world. Not in eighty days, of course >.<

But I want to do it. I want to visit places I haven't been before.
One of the places I want to travel around is Paris

When I travel around the world in my fancy camper van, I'll do it with one of my closest friends. Why travel alone? You should have company. :)
I dislike being alone. :)
I want to meet new people and eat food...and go! :))
Yeah, I've been to Paris before.
Twice. :)
But it would be cool to go again

Anyway! What do I wanna do in Paris?
I'm going to try snails :P
I never thought I would actually type that out loud but apparently...they're chewy. :) (according to a certain someone, they know who they are) ;)
I'm going to freak out if they taste bad, but I'll eat them anyway, because I'm a daredevil >:)
I was super careful with the picture I chose, see? :D
Aside from that, I will obviously go sightseeing there! :D

I'll go Notre Dame and scare the bejesus out of those gargoyles :D

I'll go to the Eiffel Tower and get a parachute to the bottom after I climb to the top
I'll go to The Louvre and hang my own picture on the wall
Their mini Statue Of Liberty! They call it a replica! :D
I am going to run to the mini Liberty and say
"Look look! I'm in America!" :D
And then I'll run to Arc De Triomphe and then say
"Look look! I got across the border!" :D

I am totally shopping in Avenue des Champs Elysées! I'm so not avoiding that place!
When I go to Paris, I'm going to go to Disneyland Paris.
Again. :)
I've been twice before, but this time, I think I'll steal Mickey Mouse's head and run around like a lunatic
let's hope it doesn't smell bad, like one of those mascot hats (but it probably will)
Let's not forget the awesome camper van. And the bosom buddy
I am never saying bosom buddy again. :)

So all I can say is...won't you join me in Paris? :D
So, that's post number 50 for you! I hope you liked it, guys! :D
Don't forget to comment, which you can do, even if you don't have a Blogger account
Peace, Mindless Rebels! :)>- xxx

Monday, 3 June 2013

Video Of The Week #7: Windows Error Remix

Monday, Monday,  can't get down on Monday >.<
Rebecca Black, Friday is not what we're on right's Monday (boo!)
But Monday's gonna be great for all you Mindless Rebels this week because it's another video of the week. You know the drill: new vid every Monday, don't forget to tell your friends ;P

This video of the week is a great twist of everything you just might find annoying on your Windows laptop (sorry Mac users, this is so not for you, though I doubt you won't like it anyway) ;P

Haha! Did you know there's a ten hour version of the middle part of this tune here on YouTube?
Think you can handle it? I think I went for about 5 hours and casually zoned it out when I was doing some work one time xD
I'm pretty good at zoning out, I do it all the time in maths class :D
Here's the link if you can't be bothered to scroll through the whole of YouTube for a ten hour video :))
Well, that's all on this video of the week. See ya later, muchachos!
Peace! :)>- x

PS ~ Hey! I'm posting the 50th post on Mindless Rebel tomorrow! :D I hope you'll be able to check it out! You'll love it! :))