Saturday, 4 May 2013

Don't Keep Calm, Let The Flames Begin (Paramore) #3

If you know me, then you sure know how much I love Paramore!

And if you don't, then allow me to elucidate: Paramore are my life! They're my drug! Really! :D
They were formed in 2004 and thank goodness they did, where would I be without them? xD
Their music style has been classed as many genres, including pop punk, alternative rock and even emo from time to time.
Current Members:
• Hayley Williams ~ lead vocals, piano, keyboard • Jeremy Davis ~ bass • Taylor York ~ rhythm guitar 
 All We Know Is Falling • Riot! • The Final Riot! • Brand New Eyes • Paramore (self-titled album) 
Favourite album: oh, I don't know, it's a toss up between...all of them!

Crushcrushcrush ~ from the album Riot!

That's about it on Paramore! Last part of the Never Keeping Calm And Rocking Out! segment in a while! Peace! :)>-

Don't Keep Calm, We're Going Under (Evanescence) #2

Continuing with the Never Keeping Calm, Always Rocking out 4-part rock segment, my next band on the list is Evanescence.
These guys formed Evanescence back in 1995 and since then have been producing epic gothic rock music :)
Current Members:
• Amy Lee ~ lead vocals, piano, harp, keyboard • Terry Balsamo ~ lead guitar • Tim McCord ~ bass • Will Hunt ~ drums • Troy McLawhorn ~ rhythm guitar •
Albums (full-length only):
• Fallen • The Open Door • Evanescence (self-titled album)

Favourite album: Fallen!
Everybody's Fool ~ from the album Fallen

Next Never Keeping Calm, Always Rocking Out! post in a bit! :)
peace! :)>-

Don't Keep Calm, But Hold Me Down (You Me At Six) #1

Never Keeping Calm, always Rocking Out!
So I'm starting a four-part special filled with some of the best rock bands of the last decade or so :) I'm just showing you their greatest videos and whatever :))
They're all different, they have their own style and flare, know what I mean? :)
We begin with You Me At Six, the British rock band formed waaaay back in 2004.

Current Members:
• Josh Franceschi ~ lead vocals • Max Helyer ~ rhythm guitar & backing vocals • Chris Miller ~ lead guitar • Matt Barnes ~ bass guitar • Dan Flint ~ drums & percussion •
• Take Off Your Colours • Hold Me Down • Sinners Never Sleep •
Favourite album: Hold Me Down!
Bite Your Tongue ~ from the album Sinners Never Sleep

That's about all for now! More later! x

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Superheros & Villains: The Best of The Best!

With the release of Iron Man 3 comes a little something I'm posting for you today: your favourite superheroes and villains together on this one blog post! :)
So, my countdown! Superheroes & those pesky villains :))

-- Magneto (Max Eisenhardt)
Best known for: The X-Men
Human mutant
Villain, but a superhero from time to time, controls magnetism

Well, he was one of the strongest villains out of all the X-Men :)
He was a holocaust survivor. He initially wanted to take over the human race and pretty much make them extinct.
He created the Brotherhood of Mutants. Wonderful. :)

-- Iron Man (Tony Stark)
Best known for: Iron Man (duh!)
Superhero with armor suit abilities (ie - flying and super strength)

First appearing back in 1963, Iron Man is a great superhero! I bet you didn't know that his armor wasn't always red and gold, huh? I bet you just learnt something new today: it was grey! 0.0
Oh yeah, have you seen the new Iron Man 3 movie yet? It was released late last month, I advise you do if you haven't anyway! :))
He was a part of The Avengers! Lucky thing! I'm sure you knew that anyway though... :))

-- Mystique (Raven  Darkhölme)
Best known for: The X-Men
Human mutant
Villain (short-lived hero thing) with shape shifting abilities :))
Recently played by Jennifer Lawrence as a young Mystique, Raven has to be one of my favourite villains. Yes, she's bad, but she's badass! :))
She's blue! My favourite colour! What's not to love? :D
She has the cool power of shape shifting! What would you shape shift into, huh? :)

-- Storm (Ororo Munroe)
Best known for: The X-Men
Human mutant
Superhero, can control the weather

Storm, my favourite X-Men hero! :D
She can control more than just the weather, she can battle using witchcraft, and she can kick butt with her combat skills. Why do you think I like her so much? :))

-- Spider-Man (Peter Parker)
Best known for: Spider-Man (obviously, well, what did you expect?)
Human mutant
Superhero with awesome spider powers!

Spider-Man swoops in and takes the number 3 spot in this pretty awesome countdown! Since Tobey Maguire just isn't doing the job anymore, Andrew Garfield is using his spidey senses to get that girl instead! :))
Yeah, I'm not a big fan of actual spiders, but superheroes with spider powers? That's cool, man 8)

-- The Joker (Jack Napier, probably)
Best known for: Batman
Clown thing :)
Villain, no evident superpowers, but his insanity leads to extreme weird things that he can do that normal people cannot :))

I actually hate clowns, but this is the only clown I actually like for his insanity, red lipstick (assuming that's what's smothered on his face) and signature laughter.
The Joker is probably Batman's biggest rival, and there are so many stories of how exactly he became The Joker too.
Everybody knows The Joker! And, well, if you never knew about you do! Haha! :))

-- Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Best known for: Batman (what did you expect?)
Just a human, he has no powers -__-
Superhero, but still, no powers :)

You wanna know what's serious? This guy is my number 1!
The Joker, eat your heart out :'D Go back to Harley, girlfriend! :))
I am Wayne. Bruce Wayne. :'D
What do I have to say about him? He rocks! You already knew that! :))
He's my number 1 because mehh, I don't like bats either, but hey! The guy's good!

It's a little ironic that I don't like actual spiders, actual clowns and actual bats, but they're all on the superhero list, right? :))

Monday, 29 April 2013

Video Of The Week #2: Gabriella Cilmi ~ Sweet About Me

You know, I was, like, totally MIA for a whole week before my last post >.<
Today, it's another Monday! (boo!)

And to brighten it up a little, I'm giving you #2 of my video of the week thang! (Yes, I said thang!)

I was watching the music channels earlier, and they were putting on some songs from the late noughties (I love saying noughties) :))

Noughties, in case you didn't know, was like, 2000 to 2009 or something, I suppose :)
Late noughties is more 2007 to 2009 :)
The video of the week is something I remember from those good old days :))
Sweet About Me by Gabriella Cilmi, oh the good old days! :))
This song was my favourite back then! 8)

Gabriella was born in Australia and is of Italian decsent.
Sweet About Me is from her album, Lessons To Be Learned. You could compare her sound to Amy Winehouse as such (RIP Amy, we love you x)

So, have a listen! You could be all "OMG! I totally remember this!" :O
or "OMG OMG OMG! This is catchy!"

'kay see ya! Peace! :)>- x