Thursday, 7 November 2013

Throwback Thursday - Dumb Ways To Die Video

Alright! As I said on Monday, I'm now doing Thursdays again
So I thought Thursdays could be a mixture of all sorts if things
Movies and whatnot
This week is a throwback, I like telling people all my favourite memories (both successful and disastrous) and I thought it wouldn't hurt to share them with you every once in a while

And so it begins

About a year ago I found Dumb Ways To Die on YouTube, some hilarious viral video
And I loved it, so one day in my music class, I went on the iMac and watched it on YouTube
Which of course got the whole class's attention and everyone huddled around my Mac instead of doing their music compositions on theirs

Well you know how YouTube has the list of suggested videos on the side next to the one you're watching?
Well while we were watching Dumb Ways to Die, someone said to me
"Hey Sara! Click on that video!"
And someone else got my mouse and clicked on the video

Needless to say, a cartoon video called Willy Bum Bum probably wasn't the best thing to click on
That was by far the most graphical cartoon ever, really
It was so cringe!
And then we all screamed and closed Safari
But hey, I wasn't the one that clicked on Willy Bum Bum, wasn't my fault O:-)  >.<

So that's about it! I hope you found our cringing amusing and I'll post again soon!
By soon, I mean Saturday (maybe) and definitely Monday
Sara xx

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