Saturday, 9 November 2013

Getting through High School: The Procrastination Problem - Candy Crush

Hey everyone!
Alright, a Saturday post at last whoop!
I have been procrastinating a lot since September
Which has inspired me to tell you all about it in a series of posts, The Procrastination Problem
Here we go..

So I'm in a predicament
I'm pretty sure you've heard of Candy Crush, played it, all that jazz
But if you haven't Candy Crush is basically an app you can get on your Apple or Android
(If you're still with a phone from the stone age, sucks to be you!)
And a trailer to explain it all because I'm too lazy to do that myself
Yes, it may look all sweet and innocent but..
I'm literally addicted to this game.
This game has stopped me from doing much, much more important things
Like homework for example
Apparently that stuff is important
Ew, I get so much of that stuff these days.

I'm on like, level 50 right now and I very nearly completed the level, I just needed one more move..
But no. The game hates me.
And I still have to finish that essay
Yay procrastination! (y)

You have no idea how much time I spend playing this game and draining my phone battery everyday
Oh the horror!

And that's about all for this post
Now I'm gonna go continue my saga 'cause I got full lives! Do my homework, obviously
If you have a procrastination problem, say so in the comments
And we can all complain about not bothering with homework together
Sara xx

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