Monday, 28 October 2013

Video Of The Week #28: Danisnotonfire ~ Dan The Danosaur

Hello internet!
(Sorry this post came a little late, the post messed up and I had to restart Google Chrome)
So I'm on a one week holiday whoop whoop! :D
Unfortunately, I'm going to be wallowing in self pity because I'm sitting on a pile of homework but hey! Least now I don't have to wake up until one pm :)
Anyway, so this is a YouTube video by danisnotonfire (Well said, Captain Obvious)
If you don't know who he is, then where have you been in the last 4 years or so?
Dan is one of my favourite

Like, ever (:

And when I haven't been doing homework so far this holiday I have been on danisnotonfire marathons
Man, I love his videos (:

So this particular video is called Dan The Danosaur. Dan does a challenge where he has to get cereal into his mouth with tiny dino hands and a catapult!
So check the video out below to see it all happen :D

Well that's about it
I suggest you subscribe to his YouTube channel to see more amazing stuff, you can click here to view his channel
Unless you don't have a YouTube...
But if you have Twitter, follow him there by clicking here
Add him on Facebook! Click hereee
And his tumblr, have a look by clicking here also
I follow/subscribe him on everything but Facebook! Cause I don't have one aha (my links are at the top on the right hand side of the page so please have a look!)
Not to mention he does Radio 1 with his friend Phil every Sunday, I always watch that!

Bye guys =D
Sara xx
Ps- I'm probably going to do a series of posts about my favourite youtubers including Dan!
When I have time -_-

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