Thursday, 31 October 2013

Happy Halloween!

Hello everyone!
(I couldn't not put a picture of Dan on the side) =D
It's Halloween today and my plans were nothing but they got sorted and I went to the cinema instead and crammed so much popcorn in my mouth it was unreal
It was a good film, better than I hoped, but when my friends said "You'll have to wait and see what we booked" I was kinda hoping they would have booked a horror movie
But still, good film

But hey, this is another post from yours truly so yeah, I'm currently scrolling Tumblr and whatnot
Alright, nobody has knocked on the door begging for sweets this year
I don't think people do that so much anymore.. :/

Anyway, I was doing the danisnotonfire Halloween interactive game!
The answers are quite different.
Not what you would expect I suppose aha
He posted it like 2 years ago but it's not like Halloween costumes have changed much in the space of two years
I did it eight times just to see all the answers
Well my friend went to a Halloween party in Surrey today
I wish I hid in her car -_-
But hey, who needs parties when you have the sofa and tumblr?
She saw some awesome costumes - a guy who pretty much resembled Jacob Marley, you know, that guy from "A Christmas Carol?"
He had chains across his feet and really pale makeup
So cool :D damn, I wish I had a photo of him

And there was a lady dressed as a headless horseman, isn't that great?
She was just like the real thing; her fave was painted just like a headless horseman, not to mention those fancy shirts with those old fashioned collars and a blazer with a purpleish tint, and trousers
I mean, she never actually cut off her head, she carried a fake one around

Yeah, now I'm wishing I did hide on her car boot
Pssssh, I'm happy on tumblr with my dessert anyway

Happy Halloween everyone! Have a good one!
Sara xx

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