Friday, 4 October 2013

Addicted To All Of This

Hey! New post today!
Alright, there's this really cool guy in my maths class, I always tell him
"I need bacon."
Every lesson! That's what I tell him! :D
So he always says
"You're addicted to bacon!" :))
So bascially my love of bacon and his total understanding of my bacon addiction has inspired me to make this post about aaaaaall of my addictions
OK, not all of them, we'd be here forever, but I'll tell a whole bunch

Needless to say, many of which are going to be food, but we go! (:
  • Bacon
    Someone take me to McDonald's for one of these <3
That wasn't rocket science to figure out I'd mention bacon in this
Bacon is like, the best pork product you could get! Ever!
You're missing out if you're a vegetarian
And, if you can't eat pork, then I suggest turkey bacon
I mean, I'm suggesting it even though I've never tried it, but hey! It's bacon, it's an alternativeee

  • Tumblr
Tumblr is one of my favourite sites to go troll, just look at the pretty pictures!!! <3 <3 <3
I actually got so upset when they changed the whole layout of tumblr, you can't even view many photos without having to make an account

So I made an account.
It's like, my second blog, but it's solely for reblogging photos, this is my main blog, and I'll continue using this one!
Have a look at my Tumblr! CLICK HERE!

  • Coldplay
OK, my Coldplay obsession is so unreal
Like, last year, it was Paramore
This year, it's Coldplay, and they are without a doubt one of my most favourite bands right now
Their music actually means something, you know? I could relate to the majority of their singles

And I swear, if someone doesn't take me to a Coldplay concert soon, I'll explode
I'm definitely doing a proper Coldplay blog post soon, videos of the week and music battles just aren't enough :O

  • Um um um my phone <3
Because even though my phone isn't a fancy iPhone 5 (and by the way, iOS 7 is iOS 6's ugly step-sister), it's still awesome
So I basically love my HTC, oh what would I do without it?

  • Impulse Body Spray
If ever you walk past me and you smell a delightful smell, that is me and my body spray
And that's some really nice body spray :D
Hehem  I was just shrouding myself in body spray last maths class and then I started choking myself
So don't do it at home.
I'm a terrible role model for that.

Hehe, I think that's all my addictions that are just, pretty evident

You see me texting on my phone
You hear me singing a Coldplay song
You see me filling the room with body spray
I eat bacon from the canteen for a living
I Tumblr frequently

So that's all for this post! See ya!
Sara xx

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