Monday, 30 September 2013

Video Of The Week #24: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ~ Can't Hold Us ft Ray Dalton

Hello! I know it's been a week since I last posted, I'm so sorry!
If you've seen my twitter feed, I said I had no homework, right?
Turns out, I had two exams to revise for, it's like, punishment for not ending up with homework
(Then again I also got homework on Friday for art class)

Oh my, but at least I'm done with 'em for now, so here's a new post! :)

Ah, Macklemore, this guy is an awesome rapper, this is my jam!
Macklemore, that same guy who sang Thrift Shop and Same Love, his songs are pretty catchy, eh?
My favourite Macklemore song is Can't Hold Us though
Alternative hip-hop and R&B, nice
So you've probably already heard of it too, but yeah, I wanted to share anyway, because this is a tune (:
From Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' album, The Heist, I present to you, Can't hold us! :)
Alright, have a great week and I hope to post soon! (:
Sara xx

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