Monday, 16 September 2013

Video Of The Week #22 - Lana Del Rey vs Cedric Gervais ~ Summertime Sadness Remix

Hello hello!

So now it's video of the week number 22 and the song for the week is Lana Del Rey's single, Summertime Sadness
But we're taking things up a notch and moving swiftly to the Cedric Gervais Remix, because he actually made it that little bit faster <3
Probably my favourite Lana Del Rey song, I actually don't listen to her much, but she's quite good. :)
It's from her album, Born To Die, and as of this blog post, its peak position (remix) in the UK chart is #4
It's genres are trip-hop and shoegazing
Interesting, I never knew there was such a thing O.O
How sad that summertime is over anyway..
Though in all fairness, we barely had summer over in London, isn't that just wonderful?(!)
Hope you liked this post (:
See you all soon.
Sara xx

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