Saturday, 14 September 2013

Toy Story Movie Review and Sky Toy Story Of Terror Advert

Wow, it's been a while.
Monday? Man, have I got a lot of things to do for school -_- hence the reason why I've done, like, nothing this week on here
I'm so sorry, and right now, I am actually sitting on a huuuuge pile of homework :S
I really need to regulate, right? :/
saw this new Sky advert featuring the majority of the Toy Story gang!
It's my new favourite ad! It already has over 2 million views since it was posted about a week ago :)
Link below because it's not coming up on the blog properly so... :/
Check it out here ^_^

Oh, Toy Story was one of the best movie series ever! :D
So I'm going to put in a little movie review for number three, here we go..
Toy Story 3
Released: 2010
Rating: U
Main cast: Tom Hanks (Woody), Tim Allen (Buzz), Joan Cusack (Jessie), Ned Beatty (Lotso), Don Rickles (Mr Potato Head), Michael Keaton (Ken), Wallace Shawn (Rex),
Genre: animation, adventure, comedy
What it's all about
Alright, most of you probably have watched this, but I shall type this up all the same. (:
Basically, Andy wants to go to college and wants to take Woody, but puts the other toys in a carrier bag for the attic
When his mum thinks it's garbage, the toys end up on the street and mistakenly think Andy was trying to throw them away and leave for Sunnyside Daycare, even though Woody tries to tell them it's all a misunderstanding
When the toys realise Woody was right about Andy not wanting to throw them away, they're on a mission to get back home and escape from Lotso, along with his henchmen

Well, I don't know about you, but I loved this!
I remember going to watch it for one of my birthdays, years ago :))
That was one of my favourite birthday, that movie is da bomb! :D
Here's the trailer

Mmmmmm and that's it.
So have a lovely weekend
Meanwhile, I'll still be on this homework pile. Writing..stuff. -_-
Sara xx

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