Saturday, 21 September 2013

Sorry Not Sorry - The Worst Thing to do on the Bus

Don't take this personally, it's merely a rant for your amusement
You're probably not annoying anyway :)

Hello hello again!
This is a newww post about things that people do that bother me.
Like seriously, I was on the bus today and everybody was being so annoying!

And a video by Dan Howell aka danisnotonfire about "What not to do on Public Transport"
Because we all love his super cool videos, right? And I can relate to this video
Relevant (yet irrelevant because they're not talking about what I'm talking about) quote from Mean Girls
Karen: oh my gosh, she's so annoying
Gretchen: who is?
Karen:...who's this?
Gretchen: Gretchen....
Karen: oh ok, hold on....oh my gosh, she's so annoying!
In this case, I meant people on the bus which brings us nicely to this pet peeve..

People on the bus. In London
You've heard of people on the train being annoying, you're about to hear about London bus travel.
Those people! Not all of them, but a hell of a lot of them

Scenario number one:
Ok, let's face it, a bus is pretty big, but it has a pretty slim design when you think about it
The other day, I was on the bus, and I tried to get off
This lady in front of me had her arm stretched right across the bus.
Oh my days, you are not a train crossing barrier.
I got trapped in the bus, she was totally oblivious to the whole thing -_-

Scenario number two:
Today, I was at the back of the bus and a lady came and sat next to me
Ok, I was ok with her sitting beside me, but every time the bus turned, she would stretch her arm across me and put her hand
on the rail.
Oh wow.
Number one: you're not my seatbelt. Buses don't have those for a reason
Number two: you're sitting down! You're not going to fall off your seat unless you do something stooooopid. (I just stole my friend Tasnim's word, she'll get me for that later)

Scenario number three:
The bus was packed, but the back of the bus had like, three empty seats!
But nooooo, rather than the dude sitting down in one of them, what does he do?
Stands right in the narrow part so nobody can get past.
Very smart man, very smart(!)
So it took me forever to get off the bus because he just wasn't bothered to sit down. -_-

And finally
Scenario number four:
And this happens often, I bet half the people in London (and probably in a lot of other places) reading this could relate to this scenario
When you're sitting down and the person's phone rings behind you
And they answer it.
And they yell on the phone to the other person on the line (tends to happen in a foreign language but even in English, annoying all the same)
Ugh! The person you're talking to on the phone can hear you!
So can the person in front of you!
Take a chill pill!

So basically, that's the worst of the worst that I've been through on the bus recently.
I vow to get that camper van so I don't ever have to do bus travel with annoying strangers ever again.
I'm walking from now on!
(Ok, to be fair, I probably won't walk everywhere, that would be silly if I want to go to Westfield, pretty far from over here)

Sara xx

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