Saturday, 7 September 2013

Film Reel #5: Marley And Me

Be aware, this might have just a few spoilers :) But I'm not giving away the ending
Salutations! As I was saying to my friend, Ash, saying stuff like "salutations" and "orientation" is fun in a British accent
 Though Ash, what you said is true: the tea and biscuits one, it's pointless :)) Anyway, new film reel, since it's been a while since I've done one of these Marley And Me, remember that movie?
Time for a refresh. :)
Released: 2008
Rating: PG
Main cast: Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston, Eric Dane, Kathleen Turner, Alan Arkin
Genre: Rom-com
What it's all about
John and Jenny move to South Florida after their wedding and become reporters
When John thinks Jenny wants to experience motherhood, his friend, Sebastian, encourages John to adopt Marley, to see if they can raise a family together.
As Marley causes chaos, John finds something interesting to write about his misadventures for his newspaper column
While John and Jenny's family grows, Marley becomes a fundamental part of their family
The ending is so sad. :'(
This was based on an autobiography
It's such a good movie because it's so...moving, you know?
Like The Notebook, which is overrated by just a tad
Trailer is below, check it out (for the record, it's not Christmas. Yet.)
That's all, you should watch this if you liked this post :)
Sara xx

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