Monday, 26 August 2013

Video Of The Week #19 - R5 ~ Pass Me By

What up guys?Alright, so this week, I've been listening to R5 a lot! :D
You know, Ross Lynch and his siblings Rydel, Rocky and Riker and their best friend, Ellington? :))
Together, they're R5
My best friend Yaa got me into them :)R5 released their new song, Pass Me By not too long ago
Ten days ago, to be precise :)

And I've been looping it on my phone, it's that great! :)
I wanted to show you the video because I think you just might like it :DWait, I know you'll just love it!
I love their pop rock vibe :))

And the cool strum of the guitar
They're so awesome!
I'm definitely getting their album, Louder on my phone as soon as it's released :)
I can't wait for it to come out! <3
Have a #Loud day everyone!
Oh, and leave comments! :)
You sure can leave comments as an anonymous, remember that ;)
Sara xxx

PS - will probably add a Rydel Polyvore set if I can xox

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