Friday, 2 August 2013

Hot Topic: Vine Compilations 2013 (154 Vines) & Jerome Jarre

I just had to share today :) because sharing is caring :)

So you may or may not have have heard of Vine but if you haven't already it's used to make 6 second videos
You can download the app for free
---on that note---
I absolutely love this compilation of Vine videos that my best friend showed me
Her name is Navdeep, but we call her Navvers or Sat-Nav, she has a lot of nicknames
I call her Peedvan (her name backwards) and she's the one who gave me the Lindt chocolate
This is by far one of the best video complications on YouTube, most of the other compilations I've seen on there weren't all that funny in comparison
*Update* that one got copyrighted -_-
So here's the same vid from a different youtuber -_-
(Ignore the cover. Totally out of context. Bleurgh!)
It's awesome, just know that the complication's 16 minutes long
Though each video is like, 6 seconds long so you don't have to watch it all right now...totally worth watching though :)
Aside from that, there's this one guy who does a few Vine videos in that complication called Jerome Jarre
I couldn't help but browse his Vine, which you can check out if you click here
Gosh, he's so unbearably adorable, but so unbelievably weird

As one guy said on YouTube: I'm surprised he hasn't been put in a mental hospital yet.
I seriously doubt that's all his vine videos, but that's another compilcation, much less longer than the first video I showed you
That's about all I have to tell you!
Keep trolling!
Sara xx

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