Thursday, 29 August 2013

Brighton Was So Beautiful...

Alright, here's a new post about my little adventure in a huge city :)
Know that I took aaall the photos in this post, feel free to use 'em but the least you can do is say you found it on :) x
Brighton is so beautiful, and I had the best day there
Ok, the coach ride sucked donkey balls, but forget, that, that was least exciting of all
When I went to Brighton, the first thing I did was walk by the pier and around the beach
Sometimes it's just wonderful to walk around and take pictures rather than stay cooped up indoors playing Temple Run on my Android

Which, I don't really do often anyway
Afterwards, we went back, we got our souvenirs early because mehh, we were walking past enough souvenir shops already and it was so much effort to go back at the end
We got rock sweets and pretty postcards and some other stuff in one of the little shops beside the boardwalk
Then we went to sit on the beach
Well, I didn't really stay in that deck chair for long, I got into the water and let the tide soak my legs so they were totally immersed in it all
And then we threw rocks out to sea
I realised taking your anger out by throwing rocks into the ocean is a great thing, it's so fun!
Yet my favourite part of my small adventure in the big city was going to the fish and chips restaurant on the corner of the boardwalk
That was a huge fish, somewhat skinny however
I was so full because I ate it all, I was like, Herbie fully bloated
...Get it?
Then there was the journey home, which sucked again, haha, but all the same, the day was so perfect.
Sara xxx

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