Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Birthday Cake...

A/N - Adding pics in a while xoxo
Sup guys? Guess who's birthday it is today?! :D

Yup, mine :) like I already said in post 100, my birthday is so awkward.

Know what else? I share it with three guys I know, two of them are twins :S
Alright, so it was a surprise party that I didn't know about
I was at my grandad's and totally oblivious to it all :L
So because it was a surprise party, dammit, my friends weren't there, but I talked to them on whatsapp a lot and whatever :)

Well, we had cake
That was a really good cake
What's a party without cake?
We also had this really good hot & spicy chicken, that was da stuff :D
We had so much fun

Blowing bubbles is like, the only thing that is still enjoyable when you're not five years old anymore :))
Balloons scattered all over the place and whatnot

Now as for presents...
Wanna hear what I got? :D
My best friend, Navdeep, (the Lindt chocolate and vine posts) she got me fancy perfume and a necklace. So pretty! :)
And my other best friend, Yaa, burned me a cd she put together herself of all my favorite song artists and a Princess Diaries book
Aren't they just so sweet?

Yeah yeah, I know I shouldn't have opened them early, but I couldn't resist hehe
Alright, what else?
One of my cousins got me a calligraphy set
Omigosh, I've always wanted one of those!!! Now I can learn calligraphy :D
One my other cousins got me a pretty pencil case, I love it!
One of my aunts got me this really expensive cream and a pen, cool, hm?
I got a lot of money
My sister bought me a Google Play giftcard to shop for apps, books, music, all that jazz :)
My brother got me a charm for my charm bracelet
A present charm to represent my birthday :))
And finally, my mum got me Animal Crossing: New Leaf on the 3DS and the Nexus 7 tablet
I probably still have more presents to open, I guess, I just have to wait for my summer vacation to end: some people couldn't give me my present in time so they told me they would give it in September :D
Feeling the love! :))
And I couldn't have asked for a better birthday <3
Sara xx