Monday, 22 July 2013

Video Of The Week #14: Lily Allen ~ The Fear

Summer holidays have officially begun at my school!
Yay! Now I can finally chill some! :))
You can chill too, if your holidays started too!
If they haven't, good luck o.O
So we're on the 14th video of the week
And it's Monday
But contrary to popular belief, I'm going to like Mondays a helluva lot more than I used to
for the next six weeks, anyway ;)

I love Lily Allen, you might have heard about her lately because she done a song with P!nk
And everybody knows P!nk, for sure :D
That song is called True Love, but that's not the video I'm showing you! :)

Instead, I'm showing you one of my favorite Lily Allen songs called The Fear
Perhaps you already heard about it, I don't know :)
The lyrics of the song are so smart
Cool play on words :)
The single was from her album It's Not Me, It's You
It's a great album, if you want, you can click the link below to get redirected to it on YouTube
Goodbye, get bent
LOL, joke, but still, I recommend the album :)
She had so many butlers o.O

I hope someone gets me presents with legs for my birthday next month! :))
I'm serious! :))
The legs could be wearing flats, I really want a new pair of flats!
lol! :))

Have a nice holiday! Expect more posts soon!
Sara xxx

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