Monday, 15 July 2013

Video Of The Week #13: Dev ~ Bass Down Low ft The Cataracs

If you wanna get with me, there's some things you gotta know...
I like my beats fast
And mah bass down low, muchachos! :D :D :D
Hey guys! Final video of the week before the holidays! :)
And I absolutely love humming to this song in lesson
Sometimes I can get my classmates to start singing it with me and whatever, we don't actually get in trouble for going flash mobs in lesson, how weird :))

Anyway! For those of you who don't know Bass Down Low, it's Dev, you know, she done Like A G6 with Far East Movement and some JLS song
JLS are long gone :))
That's not the point, the point is...I love this song <3 <3 <3
Slap yourself silly if you don't like it. Because you should like it. A lot. </3

haha, kidding, you're entitled to your own opinion and blah blah blah anyway :))
Yeah, words can't describe how cool that is... 8)
I'm done, have a nice day! Bye!
Sara xxx

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