Monday, 8 July 2013

Video Of The Week #12: Coldplay ~ Paradise

Wassup Rebels??? :D :D :D
New video of the week! Paradise! :)
I've been listening to this song all week, I love Colplay so much!!! :))
I'm a Coldplayer, I Coldplay haaard, muchachos! :))
Paradise is definitely one of my favorite songs by Coldplay
Coldplay, this band is one of the few that are getting me through some hard things
and for that, I love them so much <3
I love Chris Martin, his eyes are so blue

Especially in Viva La Vida, but let's save that song for another day ;)
and another album, seeing as Paradise is from Mylo Xyloto :)

Chris Martin is such a cute elephant, don't you think?
LOLZ! :D :D :D

Yeah, I'm done, so have a nice day Rebels! Peace!
Love Sara :) xxx


  1. Hamza says: Sara! I really like your blog! :D :D :D