Tuesday, 9 July 2013

That Lindt Chocolate Was Really Tasty...

My bestie and a whole bunch of guys I know went to Germany!!!
Lucky things, I wanted to go to Phantasialand too, you know! :))
I don't own this picture. :)

But they said they had an awesome time
I decided the best bit of their trip to Germany was the bit when my bestie got me this awesome box of Lindt chocolates ;)
She would beg to differ, I know she loved it there

I might make an Adventures In A Camper Van Part III on Germany. She would be an expert on it now, especially as she's been studying German and whatever
Meanwhile, I've been studying French in the classroom next door, just so you know... :)

Here's the box of chocolates: you jelly, muchachos? :P
I own this pic :)
Yeah, you're jelly
I need more of that chocolate, 
I'm gonna go to the fridge to get more! Bye!
Sara xxx

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