Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Music Battle #1: Coldplay vs The Script

For the next six weeks of an awesome holiday I have planned out, I'm going to be making these music battle posts :)
Call it what you will, the battles will be between two artists/bands that you probably love (or will love if you don't listen to them)
The first battle is Coldplay vs The Script
They're both successful bands and they're both from England :)
Both bands have quite a bit of alternative rock use in them
But while Coldplay also uses post-britpop, The Script tend to use pop rock in their music :))
Boom boom!
I made it myself, isn't it awesome?! :D
But credit goes to So-ghislaine on Deviantart for the cool vintage clock background
In other news, shall we begin? :D
Coldplay were assembled by Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland in 1996

The band members are: Chris Martin (lead vocals, piano, rhythm guitar, keyboards), Jonny Buckland (lead guitar, backing vocals, percussion), Will Champion  (drums, backing vocals, rhythm guitar, piano) and Guy Berryman (bass, backing vocals, harmonica, mandolin, acoustic guitar)
They have released the following albums:
A Rush Of Blood To The Head
X & Y
Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends (sometimes referred to as just Viva La Vida)
Mylo Xyloto
and they're all awesome :)
Meanwhile, The Script were established in 2001. They didn't release their first album until 2008

Their band members are Danny O'Donoghue (lead singer, keyboard, guitar), Mark Sheehan (guitar, backing vocals) and Glen Power (drums, backing vocals)

They have released the following albums
The Script (eponymous album)
Science & Faith
and again, pretty cool

But which band do you prefer? 
Here's one of my favorite Coldplay songs

And one of my favorite The Script songs

So which do you like most? Take the poll on the side, it closes next Wednesday
Next Wednesday is another music battle and another poll :)
***UPDATE: it was a tie!***
Sara xxx

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