Sunday, 28 July 2013

How To Survive High School

And now, a blog post on how to survive high school, or middle school
If you are about to join high school/middle school, you just might be
Or just a wuss, but I doubt you're a wuss :))
So I'm doing some posts on how to get through high school.

Oh high school, we've all been there, done that
Including me
And it's alright, once you get to know everything and everyone

What better way to find out about it than from someone who's actually getting through teenage drama and explicit hormone behaviour?

Rule #1: find a friend
Having a friend makes school all the more easier to get through
Knowing you have a friend with you that you know you can trust is a huge factor when it comes to school.
Don't try associating yourself with people who think they're "all that"
I tried, I failed. But I have a great a many friends now
I call my best friend her name backwards

Rule #2: don't get on a teacher's bad side
Unless you know that it's fun to annoy them
And if they're not nice anyway, it's not your fault then, they're just weeners. :)
But really, try not to, they won't chase you up
It's better that way

Rule #3: an enemy is for life
If you swear revenge on someone you hate then it's most likely you're going to hate each other throughout high school, so be careful? And at least thing of good revenge tactics

Rule #4: always, and I mean always revise for tests
It reflects when it comes to all the mini assessments
In high school, you get a mini assessment every so often
Now in some subjects, you get sets
And the set that you're put in all comes down to your ability and blah blah blah
So if you don't do well in the mini assessments, you'll be in a suckish set. Just saying

When it comes to set subjects, you can easily move up if you work harder, or move down if your results are worse than everybody else's
My suggestion: for the first half of the year, try hard in the mini assessments so you can move up/stay in top set
For the second half, don't worry so much, when it comes to the end of year exams in those subjects, the mini assessments won't really be taken into account
It's the end of year exams that do you a favor

Rule #5: yes, there are end of year exams
Try hard, and you live
Don't try hard, and you're dead meat
Just as long as you try :)

Rule #6: it's not as big as you think
My school stretches across a long street, and at first, it seemed pretty big, but it actually isn't
You just have to get used to it, familiarize yourself
It's no biggie if you get lost, but I suggest you ask a teacher for directions
Or just follow your classmates, at least then you'll get lost together :))

Rule #7: be prepared
Don't expect to just get away with saying your dog ate your homework
I'm serious, I know a guy who said his goldfish ate his
Do goldfish even like eating paper???
And don't think you can go to school without pens either
I know a teacher who wants your shoe just so you will definitely give her back her pens!
Weird, I know
I lead a crazy life. :)

Rule #8: you can do all the work and still find time to have fun
It's true, if you do the homework the day it comes in as soon as you're home, you'll be able to have some spare time to do whatever you want
Let it pile up and you are done for :)
Let this be a warning to any slackers!!! :))

Rule #9: be yourself
ok, this one is always said over and over again in other contexts too but really
forget those people who try being mainstream all the time, who cares?
Oh, and you can't keep up the facade of not being yourself forever anyway

And here's a Polyvore set for this post
I suppose it kinda works because of all the messages like "be nice, society already sucks." "What does not destroy me makes me stronger," and "don't worry, everything is going to be amazing£
Facades and Illusions
That's about it! Follow those rules and you just might get by
Think about what you do, you really don't want a bad label :)
Sara xxx

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