Monday, 10 June 2013

Video Of The Week #8: 3Oh!3 ~ Follow Me Down ft Neon Hitch

Video of the week #8! And 8 is a lucky number.
This video of the week is dedicated to a friend of mine who isn't around anymore. He was a sweet brother and a kind best friend. We love him so much. This music video was one of his faves. :) xxx

Hey Mindless Rebels! Guess what? It's Monday! So here's a new video of the week for you all to listen to...
So do you remember 3Oh!3 by any chance? And the Alice In Wonderland movie? You know, the one with Johnny Depp?
Yup! That's the one. :)
3Oh3's song Follow Me Down featuring Neon Hitch was part of the Alice In Wonderland soundtrack. Have a listen. You just might like it. :))
And thus, another video of the week is done! I hope y'all liked it!
Have a great day rebels! :)>- xxx

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