Monday, 3 June 2013

Video Of The Week #7: Windows Error Remix

Monday, Monday,  can't get down on Monday >.<
Rebecca Black, Friday is not what we're on right's Monday (boo!)
But Monday's gonna be great for all you Mindless Rebels this week because it's another video of the week. You know the drill: new vid every Monday, don't forget to tell your friends ;P

This video of the week is a great twist of everything you just might find annoying on your Windows laptop (sorry Mac users, this is so not for you, though I doubt you won't like it anyway) ;P

Haha! Did you know there's a ten hour version of the middle part of this tune here on YouTube?
Think you can handle it? I think I went for about 5 hours and casually zoned it out when I was doing some work one time xD
I'm pretty good at zoning out, I do it all the time in maths class :D
Here's the link if you can't be bothered to scroll through the whole of YouTube for a ten hour video :))
Well, that's all on this video of the week. See ya later, muchachos!
Peace! :)>- x

PS ~ Hey! I'm posting the 50th post on Mindless Rebel tomorrow! :D I hope you'll be able to check it out! You'll love it! :))

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