Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Adventures In A Camper Van Part II

My 50th post! Hey hey hey! :D
Adventures In A Camper Van was one of my most popular posts on Mindless Rebel, so I thought, well, what the hey, I may as well just make a part two!
So here we go! Part II! :)
If there's anything I want to do when I get older, it's to travel around the world. Not in eighty days, of course >.<

But I want to do it. I want to visit places I haven't been before.
One of the places I want to travel around is Paris

When I travel around the world in my fancy camper van, I'll do it with one of my closest friends. Why travel alone? You should have company. :)
I dislike being alone. :)
I want to meet new people and eat food...and go shopping...and...and...food! :))
Yeah, I've been to Paris before.
Twice. :)
But it would be cool to go again

Anyway! What do I wanna do in Paris?
I'm going to try snails :P
I never thought I would actually type that out loud but apparently...they're chewy. :) (according to a certain someone, they know who they are) ;)
I'm going to freak out if they taste bad, but I'll eat them anyway, because I'm a daredevil >:)
I was super careful with the picture I chose, see? :D
Aside from that, I will obviously go sightseeing there! :D

I'll go Notre Dame and scare the bejesus out of those gargoyles :D

I'll go to the Eiffel Tower and get a parachute to the bottom after I climb to the top
I'll go to The Louvre and hang my own picture on the wall
Their mini Statue Of Liberty! They call it a replica! :D
I am going to run to the mini Liberty and say
"Look look! I'm in America!" :D
And then I'll run to Arc De Triomphe and then say
"Look look! I got across the border!" :D

I am totally shopping in Avenue des Champs Elysées! I'm so not avoiding that place!
When I go to Paris, I'm going to go to Disneyland Paris.
Again. :)
I've been twice before, but this time, I think I'll steal Mickey Mouse's head and run around like a lunatic
let's hope it doesn't smell bad, like one of those mascot hats (but it probably will)
Let's not forget the awesome camper van. And the bosom buddy
I am never saying bosom buddy again. :)

So all I can say is...won't you join me in Paris? :D
So, that's post number 50 for you! I hope you liked it, guys! :D
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Peace, Mindless Rebels! :)>- xxx


  1. OMFG Sarah we should go Paris together!! Yaa said she wants to come along too :)

  2. Nazifa! yeah, we should! We could take the whole gang!I wonder how many people a caravan would take...
    you also...spelt my name wrong... :))
    see ya! :)>- x