Saturday, 4 May 2013

Don't Keep Calm, Let The Flames Begin (Paramore) #3

If you know me, then you sure know how much I love Paramore!

And if you don't, then allow me to elucidate: Paramore are my life! They're my drug! Really! :D
They were formed in 2004 and thank goodness they did, where would I be without them? xD
Their music style has been classed as many genres, including pop punk, alternative rock and even emo from time to time.
Current Members:
• Hayley Williams ~ lead vocals, piano, keyboard • Jeremy Davis ~ bass • Taylor York ~ rhythm guitar 
 All We Know Is Falling • Riot! • The Final Riot! • Brand New Eyes • Paramore (self-titled album) 
Favourite album: oh, I don't know, it's a toss up between...all of them!

Crushcrushcrush ~ from the album Riot!

That's about it on Paramore! Last part of the Never Keeping Calm And Rocking Out! segment in a while! Peace! :)>-

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