Friday, 5 April 2013

Wreck It Ralph: Movie Review

Warning! May contain traces of awesomeness and spoilers! Read at your own risk! :)
Released: 2012
Rated: U
Stars: ★★★★★  This is awesome!
Genre: Family-comedy
Movie description: Wreck-It Ralph (John C. Reilly) goes against his antagonist role in an arcade game to pursue his dream of being a hero. He wins a medal in a shooting game and puts his game in jeopardy of being unplugged. Fix-It Felix Jr. (Jack McBrayer) goes on a search to find Ralph. 
Ralph crash-lands into another arcade game, Sugar Rush (a kart-racing game) with a Cy-Bug that can take it over. Sergeant Calhoun (Jane Lynch) goes to stop the Cy-Bug.
Ralph meets Vanellope (Sarah Silverman), who is disliked by other racers as they think she's a glitch. She enters a race using Ralph's medal. Despite this, Ralph befriends Vanellope and helps her race.
King Candy (Alan Tudyk) hacks the game. He  gives Ralph his medal and says Vanellope shouldn't race for her own good. Ralph stops her racing for her safety. Returning to his game, he realises she was supposed to be in Sugar Rush.
Ralph helps Vanellope get back into the race and Vanellope's glitching exposes King Candy's true identity: Turbo, an old arcade character who demolished a newer game because he was envious of its popularity.
Sugar Rush is infested by Cy-Bugs. Calhoun says they can stop the Cy-Bugs by attracting them to a light beacon. Ralph creates an explosion that kills the Cy-Bugs, and  Turbo, who was eaten by a Cy-Bug and merged into it
Vanellope restores the game's memory and is the game's leader.  Felix and Calhoun get married. Ralph is loved by the characters in his game it isn't unplugged.
Why I liked this movie: it was conflicting and exciting: you didn't know who was good and who was bad. You didn't know what character's side you were on. I also like how they made the main characters (Ralph, Felix, Vanellope and Calhoun) look like the voice actors. That looked pretty awesome!
What could make it better?: I think they could make popular characters from the promos and the start of the film (ie - Sonic and Bowser) make more appearances during the film. I also think that the film could have seen a character die outside their game and make it game over, but they could somehow come back to life with a special video game weapon.
Another movie review for you guys! I hope you loved this one :D
More soon! xoxo

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