Monday, 15 April 2013

Video Of The Week #1: Ed Sheeran ~ Lego House

I'm introducing a new little thing I'm going to post every Monday, just a video of the week
I choose my favorite video of the week and I tell you about it, every Monday :))

It could be anything, or just a great music video :D
It might be brand new, it could be a few weeks old, who knows? :))
It's just any YouTube video that I like and I really, really wanna share with you! :D
To start off this video of the week thing, I chose Lego House by Ed Sheeran :D
But it wasn't the good old version with Ronald Weasley, he had a friend, more like, a Lego Version of himself :))
Oh my gosh, this video is absolutely hilarious! xD
Especially the look on Lego Rupert's face (because yes, he may be a pure blood called Ronald Weasley on screen, but really, he's just another muggle like us)
That concludes the first video of the week! Check out next Monday's Video Of The Week for another sweet vid!
Peace! :)>- x

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