Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Croods: Movie Review

Could contain spoilers! But don't worry, I didn't ruin the ending :))
So today, I went to the cinema to watch The Croods. I think the movie went pretty well! :D :D :D
Hence the reason why I'm writing a movie review for you today :)
Released: 2013
Rated: U
Genre: adventure, comedy
Film Description: Eep (Emma Stone) lives with her family, The Croods, in the prehistoric times. Her dad, Grug simply looks for survival and never lets his family do anything new. He makes them stay in the cave, thinking they will be safe. Eep rebels against his rules and discovers fire after escaping the cave. There, she meets Guy (Ryan Reynolds) and his sloth, Belt (Chris Sanders). Guy warns her the world is going to come to an end. He asks Eep to come with him. Eep refuses because of her family, but Guy gives Eep a shell to call him for help. Grug finds her and decides to ground her in the cave. Eep tells him about Guy and the shell, but Grug and the rest of her family break it because it's "new."
There's an earthquake and the Croods try to take cover in the cave, but the cave was ruined in the earthquake. The earthquake reveals a world beyond the rocky environment they're used to. Instead, there's a landscape with fresh flora. The Croods go down there in fear of not being able to survive.
Along the way, Eep meets Guy again who is forced to help them through their journey to the land of "Tommorow."

What I thought of this movie: I expected this movie to be an interesting adventure movie full of free living. Needless to say, it was more than I thought it would be.
The Croods had a great storyline to build on behind not just an adventure, but also romance and comedy. It was charming and witty. This is one of my favourite animations right now and can compete with other great films like Cars, Despicable Me and Finding Nemo.

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