Saturday, 13 April 2013

Pokemon X and Y: out this October! (The pokedex so far...)

It's no secret to Pokemon fans that Generation VI is coming out this October and for the first time it will be available at the same time all over the world!
Pokemon X and Y are the first Pokemon games (from the main series) to be released for the 3DS platform and can be played with hardcore 3D effects.

So, Game Freak haven't really given too much away, but the stuff they did tell us made us all excited!

The Pokedex: Game Freak introduced a few Pokemon from the new games to us
The starters
Chespin, the grass type starter, Fennekin, the fire type starter and Froakie, the water type starter

The starters, in case you didn't know, are Pokemon that you travel around with throughout your journey to become the Pokemon champion. There are 3 new starters for each main game :)
Pokemon mascots
Xerneas and Yveltal
These guys are the legendaries that appear on the cover of X and Y respectively.
Mewtwo's new forme

We were all wondering who this "new Mewtwo" could be and they spilled the beans. They recently told us this mysterious Pokemon is Mewtwo's new forme!
The next Eeveelution: Sylveon

Sylveon is the next Pokemon Eevee can evolve into. It's unknown what her type could be, but people have made speculations as to what type it might be.
For example...They say that Sylveon could be a ground, rock, flying or water type because in the diagram above, Sylveon is opposite Jolteon, who is an electric type. In the diagram, the Eveelutions opposite to each other are weak/strong against each other. Like Leafeon and Vaporeon: Leafeon's type (grass)  is super-effective against Vaporeon's type (water).

The problem with the four types mentioned above are that...
Ground and rock: well, Sylveon doesn't look like either of these because of its design.
Water: Vaporeon's a water type, it just wouldn't work out.
It's more likely it's a flying type, but Sylveon doesn't have wings or anything to portray its flying ability.

Some people think Sylveon could be a new type, like "fairy" because of its look or "light" type because we have a dark type, but no light type.

I think it's a ghost type. I mean, ghost hasn't really been mentioned and has nothing to do with the diagram, but still! I think a ghost is more likely. Otherwise, my fingers point to flying type, seeing as Gyarados doesn't need wings to be a flying type.

So what type do you think Sylveon could be? Send in your comments. And remember, you can still comment if you don;t have a Blogger account by commenting as anonymous :)

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