Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Let Me In: Movie Review!

Spoiler alert! There are spoilers in this movie review and traces of awesomeness. Read at your own risk 8)
Released: 2010
Rated: 15
Stars:   This is awesome!
Genre: Horror
Let Me In Movie Poster
Movie Description: Owen (Kodi Smit-McPhee) lives an unhappy life because he is the constant victim of the high school bullies. He makes friends with Abby (Chloë Grace Mortez) without the knowledge that she is actually a vampire. Even though Abby explains to Owen that they can't be friends, they still end up doing so. She advises him to stand up for himself against the school bullies, which he does (ending with harsh consequences towards the end of the film).
Abby's caretaker (Richard Jenkins) dies after trying to take blood to feed Abby. He undergoes a car crash and burns acid over his face so nobody can trace his DNA to Abby.
Shortly after, Owen learns Abby is a vampire after she drinks blood from his finger - he slits it with a knife so they can make a pact. Even though Owen was unsure of whether to trust Abby at first, he comes to terms with her secret.
At the end of the film, the consequences of Owen standing up for himself earlier are brutal: the bullies try to make him drown in the swimming pool, but Abby saves Owen with her vampire abilities by killing them. Owen goes away with Abby so they can protect each other from the problems they endured.
What I think: this movie was a great horror: it was sad, but gory while making you want to cry. The combination of these made Let Me In a great movie with the perfect balance of everything a horror movie should have.
Why it's different from vamp cliches: it's a mixture of traditional vampire horror while adding modern aspects to the film. Unlike modern day vampire movies such as Twilight, it's an original take on vampire movies.
What could make it better?: I think that the movie could have a sequel explaining Abby's backstory in full. In the movie, it explains part of her backstory, but another movie on her life before she met Owen would make the movie even better.

I hope you enjoyed my latest movie review! Next blog post coming soon!

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