Sunday, 21 April 2013

Alice Fredenham: Who Is She Now? --Britain's Got The Voice--

So, remember my post last week about my favourite BGT auditions?
Well, this week, we saw one of my top 5 in another audition on another high-ranked show: The Voice!
I'm sure you were all probably just as overwhelmed as I was.
I mean, I don't remember seeing that same Alice Fredenham looking quite as nervous as she had on Britain's Got Talent last week. Oh, the irony :))
I also don't remember her looking quite so confident in her clothing either :))
The Voice:

Observe my friends: a low cut top and also, a red hairband that could just be inspired by Amy Winehouse.
Observe again: I love the red hairband anyway :))
That was on The Voice by the way :)

Britain's Got Talent:
Aha! Now observe again, mi amigos!
She's back again! On another show! On another channel! A week before The Voice, although, The Voice was filmed before BGT so she was on The Voice before she came on Britain's Got Talent :)

So this time she's a lot more modest!
She's wearing more subtle clothes (no hairband this time though -___-) and she thinks that she's letting everyone down, including herself, if all doesn't go well

On The Voice, she had some people backstage with her, whereas on BGT, she didn't have anyone because she was so nervous.
Also! The Voice turned her down but all the judges on Britain's Got Talent gave her a thumbs up and she was through to the next round.
Isn't it funny that she was all confident on The Voice, but she was shy and nervous on Britain's Got Talent?

Simon thinks that she became worried because she was turned down on The Voice, so her confidence simply plummeted.
Others think it was just a way to get through to the next round: a pity thing.
So, what do you think? Post comments below and share your opinion! :D :D :D

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